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Alaine Fresciante - Artiste du phonique

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  • Alaine Fresciante - Artiste du phonique

    Hi to all,

    New to forum so great thank for all!! I hope find bien sonores in here :rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:

    Please see for my collection of sound new YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!

    Arts Sonores, Cacophonica, Ambient-Musik, électronique improvisations, noise, Dark Ambient, Horrorcore, Soundscape,Drone, дарк-эмбиент, omringende phonic, psyliscobin, dreamscape, enregistrement sur le terrain, silencio, Post kraut,electroacoustic,fluxus, ecoute!

    Please for feedback guys!!! :biggrin:

    j'aimes le noise, electroacoustic, improvisation,dark ambient, depressive soundscape, horrorcore, drone...

    Twitter @al_fresciante for news and regular lives set improvisation du sonique!!!