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Breathing again

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  • Breathing again


    I've been away for a little while having welcomed a new member to my family, but now I am starting to feel as though I can breath again. So immediately decided to start experimenting and generating some sounds. I have set up Mixlr account and a new blog so I can share some of what I've been working on. For Wolves and Wolves Alone is something I thought a few you might appreciate. You will realize within the first few minutes that it doesn't exactly go anywhere, but it's a software patch that I created which using generative sequencers to control audio sources, tuned resonators and a filter to create some ambient washes and glitch-type sounds. I enjoy just letting it run in the background.

    As far as the blog goes, I am making a lot of the patches I create available for download (I almost exclusively use Analog Box 2.42 software, but I am sure the patches can easily be adapted to other modular synth apps).

    I'm glad to be perusing the site again and hopefully catching up on some new music!