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And God(we) Smote The World Asunder

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  • And God(we) Smote The World Asunder

    As we stood transfixed in blank devotion,
    Our eyes fell still, cast upon a lifeless ocean,
    Peer through grains of sand, at swirls of wonder,
    And accept that we’ve(God) smote the world asunder.
    Hand in hand we dive deep, and transcend,
    To the bottom, where we lay, avoiding the end,
    As we embrace, particles of light observe,
    And we float away from the night, completely submerged.
    First line of poem credited to post rock instrumentalists Red Sparowes

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    Echoing what I just left as a comment on SoundCloud...this track literally speaks volumes from your musical perspective and what you have to bring to the table...there is so much depth much you are showing us but we cannot touch, like a mirror from the infinite directly from the soul. You are the source and all you can do is reflect...endless yet filled with new beginnings. Texturally wrapping itself within the nervous system of the listener, what we are is only a fraction of what we can be. This is what I get from you...a gift, in return.
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      I have just listened to this four times. I like the use of sounds which seem to be "harder-edged" than the norm for ambient, whilst the resultant music manages to remain firmly withing the ambient domain, and with a dark flavour to boot. I enjoyed it.
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        Thanks guys! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. Im rather speechless in regards to yours and others comments, humbled. I'm just glad that there are people that seem to truly enjoy my music, makes everything very much worth it. Again, thanks!