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new release: Divina Commedia I - Nine Circles with Jack Hertz

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  • new release: Divina Commedia I - Nine Circles with Jack Hertz


    I am honored to have another collaborative effort out with Jack on his Aural Films label.

    Here are the notes and the download link for the album.

    Aural Films presents a new album release "Divina Commedia I - Nine Circles" album by Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz. Read the following notes by Scott Lawlor who conceptualized this project:

    I have always been fond of Dante's Inferno, having read it back around 1987 in a world Literature class and it wasn't recently until I thought how interesting it would be to render an ambient interpretation of this classic masterpiece.

    Whereas with other compositions I've written that were inspired by different writings, I had utilized sound effects from to assist in the interpretation of the work, I decided not to do that at all with this album. I wanted the imagination of the listener to lead the interpretation to a larger degree and felt that adding such effects would paint a sonic picture where there really wasn't much room for interpretation.

    I did research on the poem as well as read through parts again and came up with song titles reflecting the mortal sin of each circle as well as putting a central character from each of those circles to give the tracks a bit of a narrative quality.

    Besides using my Ensoniq ts-12, I asked Jack Hertz to collaborate and add his unique ambient voice to the project and his contributions are simply outstanding. He brought out sonic possibilities that take the tracks to a whole new plateau. The resulting effort will surely scare the hell out of you and lead you on a journey through Dante's inferno from the Vestibule where Virgil and Dante first embark on their journey to the chilling encounter with Lucifer himself who is eternally bound in the ice of the ninth circle.

    Thank you for having the courage to listen.