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neptune: another review

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  • neptune: another review


    I wasn't sure what forum this would fit so I figured this would be the closest.I
    'd like to thank @NonTasteMaker for this excellent review of my Neptune album along with other music worth your listening time. His blog is great and has a lot of information for the music enthusiast.

    Here's the text of the review and then the link to the whole article. I encourage you to check out the other releases referenced as well.

    Scott Lawlor – Neptune
    This is not exactly a new album, but this release on the revived Earth Mantra label is really something else, so I needed to mention it. I’ve been listening to it quite a lot, in fact. Lawlor is prolific and works in a few ambient genres, of which this is the closest to my exact taste profile: it’s classic cosmic space music, and I loves it! The opener, “The Mystical Blue World”, is the most elaborate track, with choral synth sounds that bring to mind not only acts like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze but also the choral music of John Taverner. “Neptune’s Rings” and the massive 20-minute “The Great Ocean” are pure space drone but with an appropriately celestial feeling of lightness. The last three tracks are more abstract, with dark ambient and atonal touches. A fine accomplishment and a very smooth, tranquil listen. Name your price, kids