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new release: drone.excursion.006 (waag_dex006)

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  • new release: drone.excursion.006 (waag_dex006)

    I am honored to have the 6th installment of the Drone Excursion series released on the weareallghosts label.
    Here are the notes and download link for this album.
    Thanks for listening.
    “Let no two drones be alike must be Scott's least thus far. Each drone excursion is markedly different from all others.”
    So says Brian Bourassa in a comment on Bandcamp. I cannot agree more and with the belated 6th instalment in his drone.excursion series, Scott Lawlor proves, if proof be really needed, this point.
    “Unquiet Spirits Crossing the Rubicon” is a deeply immersive, full-on longform piece; one that paints mind-pictures of wide, desolate spaces interspersed with the Cyclopean architecture of another age.