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Still Connected - Beneath a Tree that Died

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  • Still Connected - Beneath a Tree that Died

    Hey all, been awhile since I've posted anything. Been very busy with studies and work, but I've been slowly opening up more time to do some more ambient which is great. Been listening to various pieces on the forums and it all sounds pretty nice!

    My first piece created with my new toy - Ableton Live Suite - absolutely loving the software. I've used Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Sonar Producer, and I'd have to say Ableton fits my style more than any other DAW I've had the luxury of using.

    Been really getting into sampling field recordings and other sounds as well - this is sort of a test track I made when I sampled a field recording I did in my backyard. Kudos to anyone who can tell me where the theme is from.