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Quiraing - Blake Gibson & Robert Davies

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  • | broken harbour |
    Missed the Stillstream premiere of Quiraing? Don't worry, because the super-cool Rusty Hodge is playing the entire album on Drone Zone on Friday January 30th at 5pm Pacific. Robert and I will be in the Relaxed Machinery Community chat while the album plays. Feel free to stop by and chat with us!

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  • GaryG
    That preview is gorgeous so looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

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  • windspace
    Looking forward to tuning in!

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  • | broken harbour |
    started a topic Quiraing - Blake Gibson & Robert Davies

    Quiraing - Blake Gibson & Robert Davies

    Hello Friends!

    Quiraing, the Ambient/Drone album from myself and Robert Davies will be released January 25th on Databloem.

    Taking inspiration from the epic landscapes found in Scotland, Quiraing was recorded over 2 years during 2012-2014 during what was a prolific time for Robert. The album survived my bouts with writers block, sickness, family crisis and 2 computer failures, the fact that I stand here 3 years after we started, with a finished project to present to you, makes me extremely excited, and frankly, a little relieved.

    I was stunned and excited when Robert accepted my invitation to do a record together. Robert and I have very different writing methodologies, and working with him was both challenging and rewarding, and I feel our unique ways of working contributed to a very unique sound on this release. It truly doesn’t sound like anything else out there at the moment. Robert really blew me away with his contributions, I loved working with him on Quiraing, and I hope it’s only the first of several collaborations together.

    Here's a 12 minute album preview:


    1. Quiraing - 10:57
    2. Seaside Surreal - 6:42
    3. Moorlands - 13:13
    4. Stone Circle - 8:04
    5. Megalith - 8:17
    6. Lochs Obscured - 7:22
    7. Sunshowers - 9:35
    8. Only Rain - 5:26

    Total Runtime: 69:42

    Want to hear the whole thing?

    Good, because At Water's Edge, Rebekkah Hilgrave's fantastic weekly radio show on Stillstream will debut Quiraing in it's entirety on January 24th, 2pm-5pm Pacific, 4-7pm Central, 9pm-1am UTC. This will be the worldwide debut of the album, and you won't hear it anywhere else! Robert Davies and I will both be in chat for the duration of the show. Feel free to stop in and ask us... anything.

    See you there!