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Duckett finally uploads something to SoundCloud

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  • Duckett finally uploads something to SoundCloud

    Sorry I haven't ben more active around here. Very busy, yada yada, etc.
    (Homer Simpson voice) Stupid linear progression of time!
    Anyway, finally got a track up, best at slightly lower volume, YMMV. Partially inspired by that guy who drinks that weird stuff's latest redwoody goodness ;)
    "Critics can’t stand these records, by and large, because in their search for eternal adolescence, they still want it all to be spunky and manic and witty."
    -Brian Eno

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    great work...worth the wait...


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      Great track. I really liked this. Great sounds. Eerie spacious atmosphere. No obvious melody, and yet there seems to be some sort of order lurking just out of reach. It seems to work quite well at high volume.

      Good work :listening:
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        Oh man this is fantastic!!! Really enjoying this. Starts out dark and then it grows on you. Keeps changing...always evolving. So many layers...hidden textures, sounds, haunting the listener to try and hear MORE and dive deeper within it's depths. NO JOKE!!!

        This is really great. :biggrin:

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