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Me trying to express myself

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  • Me trying to express myself

    New EP, just me trying to express thoughts/feelings/emotions
    Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise Wall
    Thanks in advance,
    5 track album (2 bonus tracks)
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    Good stuff man. Pretty dark and twisted. Im glad people are picking up somewhat more on noisewalls and shit. Id like to see that expand some. I like what youve done with it.
    Also, Source of my pain is really good too!! I liked the angelic 'choir' at the beginning.


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      Interesting stuff. Cold, dark, and disturbing. I like Source of my pain.
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        Holy cow thanks! I was afraid of getting criticized because I wanted to experiment with Harsh Noise Walls, and if people like that stuff I will definitely keep trying it in the future.
        And also thanks! A lot of people say they like Source Of My Pain, as it's more atmospheric and relaxing and I will also definitely experiment with that more too.