This is a double album, and it also has a double source of inspiration.
When my uncle - photographer Domenico "Sem" Semeraro - sent me the two suggestive portraits you can see on the front covers, I immediately thought they would have been perfect for a book on my memoirs, or... an album called Memoirs.
After a couple of weeks I started working on an ambient/atmospherics soundset for Tone2's awesome instrument Nemesis, developed by Markus Krause, which is always a precious source of ideas. When I began creating the sounds, the concept that had stemmed from the photos spontaneously mixed with the ideas given by the instrument and the sounds I was creating for it.
The result is the album in your hands, generated by a great photographer and a great instrument.
My gratitude goes to both.
The two volumes of the album are here:

This album was recorded using solely the soundset called "Ambientica" I created for Tone2's instrument "Nemesis" (you can find the soundset here: ). Almost no external effects were used, except during the mastering phase, so what you hear is what you get.

All Photos by Domenico "Sem" Semeraro - you can visit his website here If you like what you see, leave a message for him in the "contacts" section, he'll be glad to hear from you.