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The Stillness

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  • The Stillness

    Available as a free to download album from Petroglyph Label here:

    The Stillness.
    Who tripped the switch that turned the stillness on?

    A Study In Stillness 1
    “stillness, quiet; absence of noise or disturbance, release, relaxation; silence, abstention from speech;
    absence of disturbance or molestation, tranquillity, peace, security; that which appease or can a sound or drone cause all the same feelings, emotions …fears”

    Deeper Still
    This Track exhibits the nature of the cosmos on the microscopic and atomic scales,
    using the Ship of the Imagination to explore these realms.

    The Stillness
    A place or retreat, solitude and nothing, a place to be truly free.

    Waves Of Insomnia
    Lying awake for long periods at night before falling asleep , waking up several times during the night,
    waking up early in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep , feeling tired and not refreshed by sleep ,
    not being able to function properly during the day and finding it difficult to concentrate , irritability.

    stillness sleeve .jpg