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  • Wired We Were

    Some of you might be familiar with my drone ambient Red Fog project, but in case some of you missed it (and are interested of course!) I’m taking the lead here and present you one of my side projects, my band called Wired We Were. Partnered with my buddy Baird Buchanan aka Claymation...

    It’s what I could call an atmospheric ambient project, still heavily relying on drones as the primary ingredients but this time it’s mostly guitar-based drones, amplifiers driven sonic experimentations and acoustic soundscapes, all layered and blended together with field recording sounds... For some, it might definitely sound different than the typical synthesizers-driven ambient music but still, I’m pretty sure some of you ambient-obsessed music lovers will enjoy

    Note that this project is still work in progress, with more pieces & some plans to come...

    All available for your aural pleasure here, for free download. Now sit back in the dark, relax and enjoy the electric etheral ride...

    Thanks all!

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    Hi, it's always good to listen to new things, so I began to follow.


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        I am liking this Red Fog. I love your drones - we should exchange tips via PM :-). This is also very dark haunting yet atmospheric - makes for an interesting journey.


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          Red Fog,

          Truly amazing! There is good chemistry within the collaboration and it shines through in the music. Love your work.


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            Oh. my. goodness!!! This is so genius. I'm a guitar player...and an ambient artist so I can respect the fact that you've brought the two together, perfectly I might add.

            This is the kind of thing ambient online is here for. To collect the absolute best of the best and bring it all into share, to appreciate, to innovate. You have exemplified this and then some!!!!


            S1gns Of L1fe
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              u know its funny, Wired We Were wuz 1 of the 1st ppl i started following (and vice versa)when i started the Sleep, Data project and i never made the connection to u and Baird tho ive been a fan of both of u separately the whole an idiot...


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                Conscientiousobjector: thanks alot for commenting, and listening!

                Hilyard: it’s nice to read this, trust me... Glad to hear the chemistry shines well...

                S1gnsOfL1fe: well thanks! I kinda knew that some of you might enjoy this type of ambient... I’m happy to fulfill and help the purpose of Ambient Online, an honor...

                Arshawn: yep, hahahah... That happens sometimes! Happened few times to me to, for artists or bands I like to only realize way later that’s it’s a project for someone or people I really like... :razz:

                Thanks all! Very glad you like & enjoy, it's the exact reason why this project exists...


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                  Great collaborative effort. This music shines so darkly...I was entranced!


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                    Thanks alot all, really...


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                      I like the darkness of your work. Slow reverbed/delayed guitars are great for drones. I really love rusting bell.