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The Cruel Innocents .. experimental noise .. feedback welcome

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  • The Cruel Innocents .. experimental noise .. feedback welcome

    Hi there.
    Brand new to this forum, this is my first post outside of the introductions forum .. let alone my first track post here.
    I just made this track this afternoon in a fit of experimental madness. I rather like how it turned out. I hope y'all get some enjoyment out of the trip.

    The primary instruments I used were Arturia's Moog Modular V and Arp 2600 V. There's a couple mangled audio samples too, as well as a data-bent image. Added to those is a series of glitch and morphing effects. The DAW I use is Reaper. The parts for the Moog and Arp were played live through the whole track, tweaking knobs and sliders throughout. The vocal samples and data-bending I mangled using a couple tools I discovered through this very web site: Mammut, AudioPaint, and SoundGrain. (actually, I think I already had SoundGrain, but found out today that there's a new version. GREAT and fun tool)

    Thanks for listening! Enjoy :biggrin:
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