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Tronix1 - earliy seismic ambient experiment

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  • Tronix1 - earliy seismic ambient experiment

    In 2009, just after I started this DAW mullarkey, I decided to try my hand at "ambient". Robert Fripp has been a big influence on me (I am a massive Crimson fan), and I heard his work with Eno about 30 years earlier, so this track was an attempt to recreate something in the style of "No Pussyfooting" from memory. I hadn't actually heard it since about 1980, and my memory ain't what it used to be either. I had a quick rehearsal take and then recorded this live. The original recording was in stereo with a panning delay that made my neck hurt, so this 2011 remaster was made of a mono version of the original track.

    Warnings - The synth patch ain't great, I was going for an organ-like sound - MIDI stepping is clearly audible - there may be a duff note or two along the way - and I consciously elected to use no reverb - this was the first time I had played any instrument live (apart from bedroom noodling) for 15 years.

    I know that if I were to re-record this now, I could come up with something better, but this is where I was at 3-4 years ago. I may try something similar later this year, but using my Strat instead.

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