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FEEDBACK - Rough Cut from Song for first Tape

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  • Ambient Mechanics
    I with Gary on this..a really beautiful track..loved listening to it. Also I think Gary hit the nail on the head in regards to the lead in- intro..might be better if you reduced that a little, or halved it even. Other than that, this track is going to really shine once it's mastered properly.

    Really nice work..and a real joy to listen to..thanks.

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  • GaryG
    That's really beautiful, very nice mix of sounds.

    I can see it being an opener too, laying out the tone for the rest of the album without being a big production in itself. Maybe a slightly shorter intro would suit it if it were to be the opener, get to the actual music a little quicker.

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  • nollo
    started a topic FEEDBACK - Rough Cut from Song for first Tape

    FEEDBACK - Rough Cut from Song for first Tape

    Hey guys,
    it would be wonderful if u give me Feedback to this song.
    There is no mixing or Mastering on it, it is only the rough cut.

    I want to put this song on the beginning of my first release.

    If u hate sth please tell, if it is too boring please tell me.

    If u are interested in sth ask.

    Nice Sunday to everybody