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Venus Martian - new release!

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  • Venus Martian - new release!

    I'm happy to announce the second release by Venus Martian, called "Essays of the Cosmos".
    The releases I publish under this monicker are focused on space and (space based) science-fiction themes.
    For the debut I went for tense sci-fi horror atmospheres, this time I approached the setting with a more explorers/scientists mind-set, and the result is a collection of 6 pieces describing some intriguing and mysterious scenarios of this wondrous universe.

    (I also uploaded a preview of one track on soundcloud if you prefer)

    I used a very minimal set-up for this work. It was all performed live and just one track (Dancing Aurorae in the Heliosheath) has a second overdubbed voice (and nothing was edited).
    This is the gear I used:

    Moog SubPhatty (Analog Synth)
    Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator (Ring Modulator)
    Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai (Delay)
    Tc electronic Hall of Fame (Reverb)

    Aside from that during the mix there's some subtle hints of Apple Matrix Reverb and a variable amount of different EQs (lots actually, many frequencies had to be tamed because too much was escaping my attention in the excitement of the studio performance).

    Well, enough talking, enjoy the listening and any critique and suggestion is more than welcome: I've been playing/making music for 25 years, but in the world of synths and ambient production I'm very much a newbie.

    Headphones, subwoofers and darkness are strongly recommended.
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