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Hollowfonts - "Primitive Masonry" cassette on now from Sacred Phrases

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  • Hollowfonts - "Primitive Masonry" cassette on now from Sacred Phrases

    My latest "Primitive Masonry" tape/digital is still available from Sacred Phrases and other fine distributors. Stream a track below.

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    This is really good stuff. Immediately I am drawn into a Silent Hill scenario, like the game, or at least that is what this particular piece reminds me off. I am listening to Primitive Masonry. I like the very intense feeling to the overall sound, cinematic even. There is a nice roll to the track to. Like how the scatty drums pulsate continuously throughout the track keeping a gritty edge and then fading out into other tense moments. This is a long piece. But my kind of piece. It has a dancy feel to it to which seems to let go into a confused state of bpm, like it doesn't know which way to turn, but eventually coming back to a steady flow. Talented stuff.

    Dominator is slow moving displaying lots of spooky events. I am thinking of old tall ships swishing in the heavy waves. Thats what Dominator doe's to me. The heavy electric guitars in the background blend in really well to adding that real in depth rock and roll feel, but on a much more broader scale reaching the limits of a dark industrial ambiance idea. The whistling like sequence that seems to stand out much more than the rest of the track fluctuates dramatically well and then fades resulting a more gritty feel to the near ending of the piece.

    I really enjoyed listening to these two pieces. They work wonderful together and their titles to fit really well with the music. Great explanatory on the music to, especially how you have worded it, using carefully chosen words, like a type of prose.

    Thanks for sharing these gems to the AO community :tu:
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