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'Reverie of Angels' - Chameleon Music

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  • 'Reverie of Angels' - Chameleon Music

    All of the music grows directly from one simple melodic motif.

    Sound sources:
    Camel Audio's Alchemy synth - original patches designed by Simon Stockhausen and Martin Walker.
    Kontakt 5 sampler - original patches created by Dan Wilson at Hideaway Studio.

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    Nice work.

    I wonder how I never heard this one before. I really liked the choir sounds on here. It's something I would like to use more in my music, but in a more "synthetic" and less natural style. It's nice the way this builds.

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      Lush minimalism I really like this track, one's mind strives to create a scenery to accompany the music!

      Welcome to Ambient Online!


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        Thanks Tim,
        All the choir sounds were just one patch in Alchemy, (created by Martin Walker)...a serious load of automation to get the sound continuously morphing in exactly the 'right' way via those 8 remix pads.

        Synthetic vocal-style sounds have been a quest of mine for awhile...still experimenting with my own designs and trying out those of others. Alchemy is my favourite synth at present for this kind of experimentation...sadly, of course it's disappeared with Apple having snaffled the company!


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          Thanks for the feedback. If your mind ever pins down that scene...let me know! :0)