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Frogs, bugs, birds, and occasional thunder.

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  • Frogs, bugs, birds, and occasional thunder.

    On the Ambient Online Compilation Vol. 3, my contribution (Evolution of the Evening) had a background of the night sounds at my home at the headwaters of Soldier Creek.

    My kids, nieces, and nephews who have moved away loved the recording for those sounds they remember from growing up in the area. Several of them made it home for Spring Break and it prompted me to make a series of recordings for them to listen to while far away.

    I really only have one decent mic and mic pre, so the recordings were all mono. I experimented with layering and processing the recordings to create false stereo stages. Processing (rarely) includes light delays or reverb, but mostly just some EQ.

    The goal was not necessarily to create a realistic or binaural sound, but rather just experimenting and creating moods or feelings without heavy processing (except for While They Slept, which is stretched).

    I wasn't certain I was going to make this an official release, but decided to go ahead as I really do not have a career to damage with an unpopular release.:razz: The cover was shot from the end of my dock on Soldier Creek. Not every sunset here is like that, but its not unusual.

    Oh boy, a field recording album!

    ontol: Soldier Creek

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    Any 'gators in that creek?
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      I haven't seen any for a few years, but they used to be all around--flattening large sections of the grass banks further up the creek. A 16 foot one was found dead in the back marshes a number of years ago.

      The area I live in is one of the best globally for aquatic reptiles (or so I was told by a herpetologist when I used to keep turtles). Lots of water snakes, gators, and turtles.


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        That's a lovely listen.

        I guess there's always a sense of 'other worldliness' when listening to something far removed from your own location (no gators here, maybe a fox if you're lucky), sounds impossibly exotic.

        Also, forgive me, but always curious about records etc firmly grounded in a real place like this so had to Google the location. You have the River Styx nearby! How cool is that! ;)
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          I played almost an hour of this last night whilst dealing with email and attending to similar tasks. I found it quite restful and it made quite a change to my normal evening listening.
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            Thank you both.

            I like to tell people when they ask how far out in the country I live that it's just the other side of hell. Having Styx River nearby helps support that description.

            No worries on the googling the place, I named it as I did in case anyone was curious about the geography.


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              Yeh I gave this a good listen a short time ago. I remember when I listened to it it gave me the idea of recording the winds of a night time over here as there has been a few times when I have been leaning out of my bedroom window calling tibbles me cat and all I can hear is an owl hooting somewhere and the wind and thats it. Oh I saw a fox once to. I had never saw a fox before. But that is how quiet it is here as I live smack bang in the middle of a very big park lol. Certainly a huge difference to were I was living last time as then I could always hear people outside my livingroom window shouting or laughing on the street and I lived on the top floor and the sirens, oh lordy lordy the friggin sirens, not surprising really as the cop shop was only up the road from where I was living anyway. But yeh it was so noisy there and I lived there for almost 14 years.

              But listening to ontol certainly raises my inspirational levels to record the outside, but more so when its night time as I always enjoy watching the trees swinging from left to right in the heavy winds. The sounds of them are breathtaking and there has been a few times to where there has been a full lit moon and when I look at it I see it through the branches of the trees, it just looks so spooky and haunting, yet relaxing and enjoyable to and everything just looks and sounds so perfect. I should get my act together and video it all one night.

              April's Last Days
              has just now started and instantly I am very drawn to its subtle frequencies of real life. I heard a cricket I think. But the really high pitched sound reminds me of a really hot country like Africa on a night when its really quiet, still quiet even. But that is only from what I have watched over the years, films/documentaries, that sort of thing. But the way the whistling like sound just continues its flow is really nice and relaxing. These works are very different to what I usually tend to listen to which is mainly dark ambient to dark dubbby techno stuff. So this is certainly very refreshing to hear.

              ontol is a lovely exhibit of real life sounds and very pleasing to the ears. I have never been to Soldiers Creek before lol, but now I know what it sounds like. So apart from this piece being a wonderful listen. It also presents some education of real life to. Very clever stuff.

              Cheers for sharing this m8 :tu:
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                I am always excited when Richy replies; it's usually a good review and this was no exception.

                I appreciate that not only are you taking a listen but you come back and provide feedback.