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Lone Man Dead - Obsolescence Part 1: The Engine

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  • Lone Man Dead - Obsolescence Part 1: The Engine

    Hi Everyone,

    I've just came across this site as I've finished my first solo ambient / electronica record under the moniker Lone Man Dead, and just trying to get it out there to people who enjoy the same music as I do. This is my first foray into writing this style of music, mostly in the past it's Progressive Metal I've focussed on, but this has been a really enjoyable experience and a huge learning curve.

    The 7 track record can be downloaded for free from my bandcamp page:

    Alternatively if you're a SoundCloud user you can stream it from here:

    Or good ol' fashioned youtube:

    Also, here's a synopsis of the story for your enjoyment:

    "This record follows a man who wishes to understand his place in the universe better, so he inserts a microchip into his brain in an attempt to subconsciously regress and experience his past lives. However, the chip malfunctions and sends him into a representation of himself 1000 years into the future. Humanity has ended, not through catastrophe, disease or war… humanity has just had its time and naturally faded out. Lost and alone, he wanders the barren cities and coasts of the Americas, beginning to arrive at the realisation that natural obsolescence was the one constant that humans always shared, and reaching this epiphany starts to put his existence into perspective.

    As he wanders the slopes of the Andes he sits underneath a tree to contemplate his new-found clarity when a mechanical bird approaches him, a remnant of humanity’s technological achievements. The bird perches itself on his shoulder and whispers that he is asleep and in danger, if he remains in this hypnagogic dream state much longer he will be trapped forever - his only chance of survival is to enter the crypt and place a key in the hand of an oracle. After much travelling he meets the oracle and gives her the key, which transforms into a cord linking them via their sternums. Once joined, the man lies on a stone plinth before being digitally decomposed, falling through the Earth to await consciousness…"

    Hopefully it's something you guys might enjoy, thanks for taking a listen anyway


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    Wowza-what a fantastic introduction that was-especially the short story below-enjoyable read and very well written to- Good stuff.

    And a warm welcome to you and I hope that you enjoy your stay here. I am just listening to Barren Cities, Dusty Shores. It has just ended and I have started it again as I really liked it a lot. A very nice piece of music. You will fit in just nicely here at AO.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Inspirational work :tu:
    life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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      Thanks very much Richy, I'm really pleased you got something out of it. Barren Cities, Dusty Shores is probably one of the more slower-tempo, chilled tracks on the record.

      I'm looking forward to checking out a lot of the other artists here at AO, and thanks for the welcome