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A couple of new pieces

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  • A couple of new pieces

    Two new bits of work. One is long at around 1 hour, 56 minutes and a bit. The other is a wee short thing of around 33 minutes or something.
    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to listen. Hope you like them.
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    Just listened to "Those Who Cross the Sea.."

    Wonderfully slow with great transitions between the scenes for lack of a better term.

    Listening made me curious so I googled your name and found your paintings. It was wonderful to discover the other aspects of your creative life with a soundtrack made by you.

    Your paintings remind of the work of Russell Mills and Stanley Donwood. Sort of a beautiful decaying and ancient feel.

    thanks for giving me a really great afternoon both in sound and vision.


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      These two are incredible.


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        Thank you aoVl for the kind words. Greatly appreciated.

        Thank you BASK and welcome to Ambient Online.
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          I listened to these two tracks earlier this morning, but it was only a quick listen as I had to go out. But now that I am back home I can give them both a proper in depth listen. I am now listening to Those who Cross The Sea Change The Sky. I am coming into a little over 3 minutes now and I must say this is a splendid piece of music. Its extremely relaxing, with a very subtle bed of textures that bring a wonderful pleasure. Quite infitive really as the music demonstrates a beautiful emotional mood, quite like how a song will make a soft pillow show itself in someones tummy. Like warm and reassuring, meditating the senses with its calm surreal presence. Or at the very least that is what is happening to me right at this precise moment.

          I am now into 11:15 and still the music seems to just drift off into its own abyss. This music is very dark and light at the same time. As the music has been playing I have already saw pictures of a stormy night in my head. The clouds dull and grey with a terrific lightning. I see the ocean to. Its angry waves stroking the falling rain with a lovely gentle spirit. I really do see that. This is what this music is doing to me. It is certainly helping me to unwind I know that much. I am sitting here now at my laptop and seeing the track has reached just over 19mins and I am in a total awe at the tracks wonderful enchanting spirit. This is a remarkable piece of ambience specially made for mind/body & soul. It is very captivating and hypnotic to. Like one can close their eyes in a quiet place and just go anywhere they want with this music as their perfect companion. Very impressive indeed.

          I have just started the second track A Passing Thought and immediately I feel trapped in a dream like state. But a nice trapped. The kind of trapped feeling that someone doesn't mind being in. Again it is extremely relaxing and very pleasing to the ears. I am now into 7mins and I feel in a total peace with myself. Its elegant moments helping me to relax much more, caressing my thoughts of the past tense of the long today.

          The music to sounds like it is swimming into nowhere, like the music makes me think of a place with nothing there, like a void maybe, or a bottomless pit, where noone has been except the inventer. It has an empty church feel to it to. I could be standing inside an empty cathedral or a church and be totally blown away at how the music sounds coming through the organs pipes that are way high up. Just myself, the void and thats it. I stand there and look around and think of the many who have come and gone. Again thats the power of this music. It creates that kind of feeling in me. It is very alluring tempting myself to listen much further.

          Overall both tracks display a lovely bed of dark & light enigmatic pads or textures that will captivate anyones senses who are seeking a cure for such a long tiring day. They are both delightful and magical to representing what ambient music really is and how it can change someones perception or feeling in a micro second.

          Thank you so much for sharing these two gems :tu:
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          life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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            Wow...Richy, that is some review. Thank you so much. Never expected to get a response like that! I do feel a little embarrassed and undeserving and remain amazed that anyone would like my stuff. A sincere thank you and appreciation for all your kind words.
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