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new release: Journey Through the Boötes void

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  • new release: Journey Through the Boötes void

    my new album called Journey Through the Boötes void was just released today on my bandcamp page at
    Thanks for listening.

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    I have listened to the complete album four times now, two of those times as a single sitting.

    Scott was kind enough to allow me to design the cover, as well as provide the album for me to listen to as I worked.

    I love science fiction and space-based fantasy novels. Listening to JTBV felt almost like reading a well-written novel.

    And like a good novelist, Scott has divided the work into chapters of a sort. Four major sections with 3 parts of varying lengths each, except for the last, which has four. Each section shares it's first part with the previous section's last, tying them together. The chapters make sense, and provide the listener signposts on the journey.

    The work develops well, and has a great sense of flow, never feeling stagnant. Textures and quasi-patterns shift in and out of focus. It's the sort of stuff I really like to experience when listening, a sense of a shifting in the perception of time and space. You are approaching something really huge, from far away, at an amazing speed.


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      Added to my playlist. I will listen to it when I have more time.


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        It is a great album. I have had my copy for a few days with many repeated listens. Excellent work yet again from Scott. Do yourself a favour and wrap your ears around this superb album from a true master of the genre.
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          Just listened to the first few pieces while at work; had a dull, repetitive task to do and it really took the distracted bit of my mind somewhere, really helped me focus on the task at hand.

          Anyway, superb production, you've really hit the nail on the head with the layering of different textures etc.
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