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would like your thoughts on a new track, thanks

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  • would like your thoughts on a new track, thanks

    Hello. This is my first time playing along with a delay and I'm wondering if you have any tips on how I can make this process sound better. The most complex thing for me was trying to change tempo during the song and I felt like things went off track a little but this was just an experiment. Sometimes experiments work out but I wanted some thoughts on this track. thanks for listening and for the comments.

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    I would try using a ping pong delay - it simply sounds more interesting to the ears, especially when played as if the delay is part of the instrument. I didn't really hear a tempo change, sounds like everything was relatively played in the tempo to me. Also if you wanted to add more space, reverb is of course always a good idea...


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      Delay is my effect I most like having an affair with--don't tell reverb though.

      The track was not there or is private. I clicked your link and got an error from SC saying such.


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        I could not find it either. Did you take it down?
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