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New track: Life (Amnions)

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  • New track: Life (Amnions)

    Hey guys. Couldnt get Bandcamp working properly, so just migrated to SoundCloud. First song I share here on AO. I have just recently started composing ambient songs under the alias Amnions, and I hope to post more here as I go along. Feel free to give me some constructive criticism (or praise for that sake).

    Without further ado, here is the song:
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    Nice track for an early creation. It seems to include what sounds like yourself walking around in the studio at the start; not sure what you wanted to achieve with that. The drones are nice and the length is good. Plenty of stuff going on throughout. That digital voice sound that comes in towards the end was an interesting surprise.


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      Originally posted by Cloud Hunter
      Nice track for an early creation
      Thanks for your comment Cloud Hunter. Its not really an "early creation", as I have been composing music for many years (very on and off though), but I would rather call it an "early evolution". Having grown more and more content with my work, and since ambient music is one of my biggest loves in life, I decided to more purely refine this genre of music through working under the name of Amnions, instead of mixing everything into a big bowl.

      Regarding what I wanted to "achieve" with those walking sounds in the beginning; I think that is a somewhat of an odd question. Trying to explain the reason for including specific sounds or effects in ambient music is like trying to explain why a dancer moves hers or his hand in a certain manner during a move. It just "is". Personally I feel something when I hear these sounds, but I wont try to tell anyone else they should feel the same, or anything for that sake. To me, ambient music is very closely connected to what I feel when I study covers of sci-fi books. There may be a specific scene with a certain event happening, but more often than not there is only vastness, and some kind of emptiness. In any case the picture is only a cutout of something bigger, and the wonderful thing about this, is that the viewer can fill in all the blanks, and to let emotions roam free outside of captivity from definition.

      I approach ambient music the same way. I try to make a "cover" (or canvas), where the listener is free to roam around and to pick up what they want from it, and to start writing their own short story during the few minutes the track lasts. For instance, someone I talked with felt that "Life" was a sad track, others felt it was "scary", while I myself feel it is quite positive and hopeful. I find it very interesting that people interpret the exact same track so very differently, and I know only what I feel when I hear it. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Anyways. Thanks again Cloud Hunter (your alias gives me that "sci-fi book cover" feeling I describe btw. Everything "cloud" basically does. hehe).


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        I see. Turns out you have quite a similar approach to me. I like to make my music open to all listeners' interpretations too; the titles I give my tracks just represent what it makes me think about. I'm not criticising your choice of sounds or anything. That's one of the cool things about ambient music, you can use a whole range of sounds that other musicians would never dare use, and if you so choose you can disregard all common musical rules too. At least that's what I take from ambient.


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          Oh, by all means, I was not offended by your words Cloud. I just found it a bit odd, thats all. And yes, the freedom to include whatever one pleases is refreshing. Well, time to start making another one methinks.

          Oh, and I now have the proper nick btw, yay!
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            Definitely some nice sounds on here! You're really "evolving" as you said into a sound much more mature, more depth, and a deeper emotional connection than ever before. I am enjoying this.

            Keep up the great work!

            S1gns Of L1fe
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              Thank you very much S1gns! I hope to further develop now, as I am at a serene point in life for once, and have plenty of time for composing in the coming months. Cheers!