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Lying on Our Backs and counting a Million Stars

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  • Lying on Our Backs and counting a Million Stars

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been active on Soundcloud for a month now. Just subscribed to this forum but I already have been watching you guys for the past few weeks ;-) and a few of you I already "know" (by name and music) from Soundcloud.

    Anyways: just uploaded a new track. I reckon most of you are familiar with questioning yourself "is it ready?" and "...or should I add or change this or that?". Always though decision to make... I have no idea what I'll think of it in a week's time. I always try not to listen to a track for a while before I finally approve it but I skipped that phase now. Hope I'm not going to regret it...

    Hope you like it (if not feel free to tell me why):
    Boqurant | Boqurant on Soundcloud

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    really smooth and relaxing, lots of air to breathe.

    thanks for sharing this.


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      Thanks Ontol/aoVI. Glad you liked it. Indeed: air and space is exactly what I was striving for. Actually that's what I want in most of my trakcs but a little too often I continue cramming my tracks with little details/extra lines/instruments for too long. This time however I stopped somewhat earlier in the process which was a bit hard to do. It's a learning process I guess.

      I just commented and liked one of your splendid tracks (remembering a walk..) on Soundcloud not because of this thread but after getting a SC notification. Right after that I found out you are the same person I got a AO Forum mail notification this morning (about this thread). Funny how things fall into place. Well, never mind my rambling.

      Anyway: glad having found your music! I'll continue listening as I speak (hope I can find some time to delve into all your Bandcamp stuff).
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      Boqurant | Boqurant on Soundcloud


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        Soooo chilled. It's all good. I'm guilty of the partaking in the occasional stargazing session.
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          I often have a similar problem. I keep thinking of tiny lines to add into the mix and often end up making too thick a stew.


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            yeah, this is really nice, i really like the general vibe of this track. very airy and spacious


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              Liked this one. Really nice. Glad you decided to join the forum, you've been a welcome addition.

              Great music, good sounds, nice movement!

              S1gns Of L1fe
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                sometimes you can do all the counting with a single glance which then lingers and lingers and...
                as the others said, wonderful, charming track!