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Enmarta - Sea of Black

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  • Enmarta - Sea of Black

    Enmarta - Sea of Black

    Dark Ambient with influences from the vast corners of the earth combining ritualistic elements, fine texture work, throat singing and live viola. A multifaceted album that will attract those in search of a multilayered dark ambient experience with classical influences.

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    Awesome. Dark ambient lives within these walls! :rockon:

    Thanks for letting us know about the release. Welcome to the forum!

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Hello floodiastus-welcome aboard AO m8. Just checked out the link you posted in. Listening to Dark Asylum now. Extremely talented stuff. A very professional looking album design to. A wonderful looking piece of dark art. It certainly makes me feel tremendously inspired. How pictures can do that. They are like magnets pulling in those that take the few special moments to appreciate with imagination and heart-felt words. Like the reviews made by the supporters. I really enjoyed reading their words and how they have expressed them using metaphors galore. A Sea of Black to makes me think of an ocean filled with emotional textures like a sea bed of dreams and nightmares. I have just this moment hit play on Putrefaction Chamber. And again there is a lovely feeling to the music. I am pleasantly attracted to its slight intimidating tones of darkness and light that seem to somehow pull me in further into its chamber of beauty and horror.

      Thanks for sharing your music in here.
      Inspirational :tu:
      life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say