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New Track "Metro"

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  • New Track "Metro"

    Hello, everyone! I just finished my latest track "Metro", please enjoy!

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    Great track, really enjoyed it. Dark, deep and unnerving, my kind of ambient.
    Really enjoyed your last track "foggy resort town" as well, fast becoming a big fan of your work.

    Please feel free to check out my music - thank you


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      Thank you very much!


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        Just listening now. Just a very nice track to sit down with a cuppa tea and a ciggy to relax the day. For me anyway.....A lot of the times I see a track added in the members release and a lot of times I see no replies or reviews ivan black.. his music is a corker. Its all very well him giving top marks to someone elses music, but I see his has nothing added even by the owners of this forum.. I see this a lot > 0 ......His music is brilliant and am sure somewhere along the line I felt a drum n bass pang in me to....just shocks me and well I see more how someone may only look at themselves more than anything else.

        The track playing now is beautiful btw Metro....Very lovely and awakening. Like dreams drifting.... The talent behind this is patient and knows what sorrow is. I see horses running because that's what they love to do. I see the clouds in the sky and I also see birds flocking to where aoVI lives. Music doe's that to me. Makes me wonder and crave love like an ugly beauty lost in a book of poems, searching, wondering....

        I see to much 0 (zero) replies or reviews in the members releases and the members put their heart into keeping this wonderful forum alive.

        btw whoever made this is a legend
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        life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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          this is a wonderful piece of work, really enjoyed it :-)

          oh and thank you Richy for your support and comments too