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  • Leaf-Watoru - AÆSM

    Hello everyone.
    I create space ambient music and would like to share it with you.
    I determined the exact name of my genre: Abstract Atmospheric Electronic Space Music (AÆSM). You can all it like you want, but it is simplest name containing exact description.

    Here my two albums, I have only two, but working on third album.

    Every album has its own history, if you want, you can check description for each track, and even find lyrics for the first track of the second album.
    There is only one sample in album and only in first track, where you can hear a "message from satellite" (from the first album) or "conversation between two people" (from the second album).

    Feel free to download or just listen albums following these links:
    Cheap Transmitter

    Also leave your feedback here, in this topic or directly to me using PM on this forum or contact page on the bandcamp page.

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    Hello leaf
    Great introduction
    and welcome aboard :thumbsup:
    life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say