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a couple additions :-)

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  • a couple additions :-)

    a dreamy vocal drone with a chopped up drum sample

    this one

    a 12-track album comprised largely of experiments
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    Wow ! A lot of listening to be done here, I'm sorry to say I haven't managed it all yet.

    Good work though, particulary enjoyed "My head is made of the same ........"
    But I have to ask, and please don't think I'm being rude, but, whats with the slightly random water sample at 2min 20 ? or have I missed something significant going one here ? Not a criticism but a genuine querry, like to see what people are thinking of as they create their work.

    Please feel free to check out my music - thank you


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      well, the entire track is a tribute to shane carruth's film "upstream color"

      the title of the track and the water sample are both references to a particular scene in said film. there's nothing random going on here.
      even the photo i chose is a still from upstream color.



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        Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me.
        I've never seen upstream colour, but having just searched for it, it looks like a really interesting film. Will try and get hold of it later today and hopefully understand the significance of that water sample !
        Hope you didn't take any offence at my comment as none was intended !
        I'm a bit of a nerd at heart, I enjoy listening/reading about how and why people create their music as much as I do listening to the music itself (wow ! I am a nerd aren't I ?!?) .

        Thank you again.
        Please feel free to check out my music - thank you


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          I didn't get to the album, but the two singles you posted are both great! The vocals in rayleigh scattering are really nice, and the synth loop floating by in the background is very pretty. MHIMOTSMATS (wow, that didn't make typing any easier) is good too. I like the field recordings that pop up throughout.
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