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My first music submission to AO

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  • My first music submission to AO

    Hi, I just discovered AO last week and while looking through the post I saw a one sample contest post. This interested me very much and I decided to give it a go with a sample of my own. I will post two links here; "Perfect" which is the 2 second sample I made and "Aquifer" which is the song I created from it. I used no other instruments, only Paul Stretch, SoundForge to reverse just one channel of the manipulated sample, effects in Ableton Live 9 Suite and Max for Live LFO to manipulate parameters of Ableton's effects. I hope you like it!

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    Hi Keith,

    I'm new to AO myself, so welcome

    I'm listening to Aquifer now.

    How are you finding Paul's Extreme Stretchy thing? Awesome isn't it? I can play with it for hours.

    Aquifer is building nicely now. What other effects do you use? Are they Ableton's own? I'm a Sonar man myself, but I rarely use the freebies that comes with it.

    I like the idea of reversing one of the channels... I'll try that myself.

    I enjoyed Aquifer, for what it was... Just the one sample and some effects... It's amazing what we can produce with limited material and a bit of time and imagination.


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