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  • Nibiru

    I released a new track today called "Nibiru"
    Feedback please!

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    Hi Phil,

    I like the playing and composition of Nibiru.

    Some of the guitar parts sounded ever so slightly out of tune but I realise this may actually be and intended part of the effects used. And it sound like it was clipping in parts too, but, again, this could be the desired effect. I know I've used FabFilter Saturn on occasion and that, too, can give the appearance of clipping as opposed to distortion.

    That said, it didn't spoil the experience


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      The clipping could be due to a loop i used, glad you mentioned it because I never noticed. I do try to hit unexpected notes from time to time, usually some people will tell me that it doesn't make "sense", but I believe that "sense" is simply an opinion in music when the playing field is open. I'm not familiar with FabFilter Saturn, but I record all my guitar/bass stuff on a PodXT Pro and occasionally an X3. I set the tones and effects through those and hook it up via MIDI to my laptop.

      Thanks for the feedback, very appreciated.