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More old remasters: The Ashtray Resides at the Bottom of the Ocean (ontol, 1990)

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  • More old remasters: The Ashtray Resides at the Bottom of the Ocean (ontol, 1990)

    Just finished fixing up another old release. Not sure if I should mention each one here and spam the boards when there are people working with new stuff....

    But since I have, might as well mention the particulars.

    Originally recorded in 1990, a couple of friends/fellow musicians and I found an old upright piano in an old house and dropped a couple of SM57's into it and recorded a few tracks. These tracks were manipulated, looped, ironed, left out in the sun, beaten with sticks, put up wet, then had reverb added to them. One of the musicians, Eric Thompson, wore a lot of bracelets at the time and the rattling of them as he played was picked up, so we referred to the sessions as "Eric's Bracelets". I was really happy to come across this old 4 track.

    The ashtray was also Eric's, and we used it to keep smoke-ables handy. It made a nice clear bell-like tone when tapped. One day we tried drying out some some-ables in it using a microwave. neither the smoke-ables not the ashtray survived. Eric took the ashtray diving in the Gulf of Mexico and buried it in the sand, hoping one day it would wash up on shore, now a piece of beach-glass, and someone would find beauty in it once again.

    Kirk Lenoir (one of the two musicians that night) passed away about 10 years ago, so it was nice hearing him play (and his laugh in between takes) again.

    The Ashtray Resides on the Bottom of the Ocean

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