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Soundscape without synth. sampling records and field recordings.

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  • Soundscape without synth. sampling records and field recordings.

    Hi. Here is a new piece of ambient.
    Like all my draft songs, there is no synth in this project.
    Hope you 'll enjoy.

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    Beautiful work!
    remst8 -


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      Really nice and organic
      Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.


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        Yes that was nice. Quite amazing to know you used only samples in there. Very creative.


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          Thanks for all your replies.
          So my goal is to never use synthesis or sound bank already made. but it's obvious that there are plenty of VST FX ! this is the challenge of my work.


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            Hi Toan_,

            That was interesting, creative and very pleasant to listen to.

            This is an area of creating that I have only just explored myself. Although I still love using my hardware and software synths played in real time or MIDI, listening to this kind of stuff makes me want to try more sample and effects ideas myself


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              Thanks Andy.


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                Wow, very inspiring! How many different samples did you use in this? Did you create any of them yourself?
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                  Simply gorgeous. I love ambient like this...and you really nailed this one. Fantastic!

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                    thanks for your replies. I didn't really play the "jazz" parts.It come from a record. But yes i created all the textures and loops. It's hard for me to answer the question about how many samples i use in my tracks. I just can say, a lot. Most of the time there are various extract which plays simultaneously. and themself are made from the mixture of several samples. I'm sorry for my English, hope it's understandable.


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                      Very nice work indeed, Toàn!

                      A lot of my ambient pieces use only samples, but lately I've been exploring rendering recorded freeware VSTi's and incorporating those "samples" into the mix.

                      Might I enquire as to your FX plugins/workflow?
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                        this is a wonderful journey. very beautiful! exquisite blend of atmosphere and instruments. I love the piano towards the end


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                          I use al lot of Granular fx. (like KTG for exemple).
                          I use often the Kjaerhus's classic series. and few pitch shifters (wave, pitchwheel ...)
                          For reverbs, i really like SIR 2.
                          My sampler is Short circuit 1.
                          I love to use field recordings and lofi sequences played by amateurs around internet.
                          For the moment i use a mpd 32 but soon i plan to buy a BCF 2000.