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A Pair of Trombone Improvised Electronic Music Albums

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  • A Pair of Trombone Improvised Electronic Music Albums

    I released some new music recently. The first album is called Bigger Than Us All.

    The second album is Eleven Year Convergence. It's similar to the other one, but I was still experimenting with some of the different effects and processes.

    Everything is priced at set-your-own-price with a minimum of $0. I have a decent day job, but you're free to give me money if you want

    More than money, what I'd like is for people to spread the word about my music since I'm the only trombone player doing this as far as I know (and yes, I know about Tom Heasley, who does ambient music on tuba). I've tried getting my name out there on KVR, but no one really cares; Reddit, but that place is a dump; some trombone forums, but they don't get ("It just repeats over and over, kinda boring"). So if anyone has any advice just for getting people to listen and be interested, that'd be cool.

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    Hiya quiethorn

    I've just kicked off Follow and See Where It Leads... Such a lovely tune, and I love how subtle you have that trombone in there... As I've said before here, I've never thought of any brass instrument being used in stuff like this, which is silly, because we use brass like synth sounds all the time haha!

    I don't know about the other guys, but I prefer SoundCloud to anything else out there. I've tried Reverbnation, and I have a Bandcamp account too, but it's only on SoundCloud that peeps sometimes wander into my space and listen to my work.

    I have also recently put a lot of time and effort in at SoundCloud, listening to other peeps music, following like minded people, reposting their songs, and leaving comments here and there, and it really boosted the amount of listens I was geting myself.

    I know some peeps will say that listening stats do not matter, but it gives me real pleasure knowing that at least someone has listened, or even started to listen to one of my pieces.

    I may not get time to listen to all of your two albums today, but I will call back from time to time to pick up from where I left off...


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      Thanks for listening! I'm queuing some of your stuff on Soundcloud too.

      Yeah, I agree about Soundcloud. I try to make an effort every couple days to poke around and see what people are doing, follow some, comment, etc. That's definitely the way to do it. There's a lot of good stuff that people are doing. When I find someone with enough tracks, I stream it all day at work (a perk of working from home).

      I've thought about checking out Reverbnation, but honestly I haven't looked at it yet and don't really get it :uh:

      Oh, I'm listening to your tune "Shafts of Light." What did you use to get the synth vocal effect towards the middle? I always liked that sound; it's something I want to figure out how to trigger on trombone. It's basically just the right formants and vibrato I think. There used to be this freebie plugin called "Delay Llama" that did it (and had a crazy interface too).


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        Shafts of Light is not mine, so you must be listening to one of my reposts. That is by a guy called Tore Aune Fjellstad.

        But thanks for listening to some of my tunes too, assuming you got past the reposts

        Once I visit someone's SoundCloud page I click on their "Tracks" link so that I can only see their stuff.


        >]:| ~ > Bandcamp < ~ |:| ~ > SoundCloud < ~ |:| ~ > YouTube < ~ |:[<


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          just listened to this while doing some graphics and it was really good.

          relaxing at times, stimulating at others. I loved the 'about to lose control' feel to it in some pieces.

          I'll be visiting this work repeatedly.


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            Awesome, thank you for the kind words!


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              Can't say just how much I like the stuff of yours I've heard, loved every track so far. I think we should ban the term 'organic' on this forum but, well, it's all just so organic. Will chip in for the albums when I get some cash in my PP account, feel I owe you at least a coffee/beer for this music. Cheers.
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                Thanks so much for listening! I actually haven't played much for a few days, but your post made me get my horn out and work on some new stuff.