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  • 9 of my releases


    I dug out my cd bin of my personal releases over the years as my wife wanted to give a couple to her friend. So I decided to pull all of them out that have and snap this shot. These are all from 2000 - 2004.

    top row left to right:

    Interstitial - this home made CDR my wife and I made and took to the 2001 concert in Milwaukee, WI where I did a set with Vir Unis.

    Interstitial - Temporal Arc- almost the same album as above... but released on the Red Antenna label in Dec 2001. (this was reissued in 2011 on my Relaxed Machinery label -grab it free )
    V/A - The New Electric Policy - I have a track called Pointillism (Edit) on this Red Antenna release.

    middle row:

    V/A -
    Lappland - Kinetoscope Two on this one.

    V/A -Red Antenna Assembled- My Iterative track is on this one.
    V/A - Portraits - Marco Polo on this cool album. It's an AtmoWorks release but in discogs as "in the bubble music".

    bottom row:

    Vir Unis / Interstitial -
    Live at the Miramar - on AtmoWorks.... I rereleased it and you can download it free on my bandcamp:

    Interstitial -sub.terra- my first CD - and a great group project wrapped around my trumpet track "sub.terra". I still have 400 copies of this CD (I bought up the stock from the label. I need to put those up on bandcamp soon!
    Jonathan Hughes - Fluidities - another awesome group project on The Foundry. Check the discogs link! 2xCD of amazing talent. Super proud to be a part of that!

    ... I also appeared on a Hypnos/Binary release doing a remix. Vir Unis / Saul Stokes -
    Thermal Transfer

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