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Threshold - dark ambient/world blend

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  • Threshold - dark ambient/world blend
    Last edited by Orten; 09-17-2015, 04:36 PM.

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    Hi Eric,

    I like your use of vocal samples here.

    An all round nice piece of work... What mastering problems do you think you are having? I only listen on headphones, but this sounded fine to me. Mastering is not my best forte though, so someone else will have to chip in on that...

    What "mastering" tools do you use, by the way? Just curious... I tend to stick to FabFilter stuff myself, just because I love their look and interface and I find their video tutorials pretty damn good. Most of the time I am just applying EQ on every track, to cut any unwanted stuff, then an overall EQ to tweak and then a limiter on the end, just to bring the levels up a bit, with minimal limiting of -0.5dB if I'm sticking something on the 'net.


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      I enjoyed the vocals too. I noticed a couple of "resonance" issues near the beginning (not on the vocals). They can be awkard to dial out without affecting the overall sound of a piece, but I think they are best handled during the mixing process with a targetted EQ automation. Other than this minor quibble, I think this piece sounded great, both musically and sonically.

      Good work
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        Thanks guys for the comments and helpful suggestions.



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          Enoyed it! I love that mystery and desert feel!