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  • Some tracks I did

    Here's some tracks I made if people want to have a listen. They flit around the definitions of ambient/not ambient. Some are beat driven, some less so, some I like, some I think need work. If anyone wants to download it, send me a PM and I'll sort you out with a download code.

    All comments are welcome to help me improve. Thanks for listening.

    Ghost Signs - Ambient tape loops and guitars :

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    Hi Iain,

    In what areas do you want to improve?

    From what I have heard (managed to listen to Waiting and Gestalt) your work sounds okay to me... Those two tracks are quite minimal, with a subtle beat and I personally wouldn't change a thing.

    I'll listen to some more when I get time


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      Thank you for the comments, it's always nice to get positive feedback.

      I guess I'm looking to improve in both production and composition. I've been told I should use some side-chained compression to move the pads out of the way of the beats in places, so I'll try to use that next time.

      Of all the tracks, I think Ibi Est is the one that falls down, it feels very muddy and the arrangement doesn't feel right for some reason.

      But, yeah, thanks for taking the time to listen, I appreciate it
      Ghost Signs - Ambient tape loops and guitars :


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        Originally posted by iainx View Post
        I guess I'm looking to improve in both production and composition.
        You and me both Iain ;)

        Sidechaining is one option. Another is to move parts entirely to suit others, or to use automation in order to duck manually. I'm saying these things, but I barely get to grips with the processes myself to be honest.

        I don't know how familiar you are with frequencies and the tools to manipulate them. So forgive me if you are already aware of the following:-

        Some frequency ranges can make or break a mix. RA's Jono Buchanan explores one of them.

        Teach Me Audio. The no nonsense guide to audio production techniques.

        In part Three of a three-part series on dynamic equalization we delve deeply into “spectral dynamics processing” with Meldaproduction’s unique and versatile MSpectralDynamics plugin.

        I have the above links bookmarked and return to them from time to time to remind me what I'm supposed to be doing...

        I just listened to Ibi Est while I was typing, and I think I know what you mean, although I don't have the best ears, or the skills necessary to tell you what to fix, the why and the how.

        Do you use a spectrum analyser? If you don't, then I would recommend SPAN for starters, although, like most SA tools, they still take a bit of set-up and understanding.

        I mix on headphones, so I have to use one. I particularly keep my eye on the low and low-mids because it is those frequencies that are not always best picked up by even the best headphones. Only when I have mixed and mastered do I route my laptop audio to my (somewhat dubious) hi-fi, just as a final check for the low end really (which are always "coloured" on hi-fi systems).

        Verona has just finished... Another nice track... You have a fine "product" here Iain.

        Regarding EQ... I have now started putting an instance of Pro-Q 2 on each and every audio track. I then think, what frequencies are not really needed on this particular instrument. For instance, I may have a pad sound that I know I am only expecting to feature in the high-mids, so, straight away, I do a severe cut below say 200Hz. It's surprising how much low end is still there in many synth pad presets. So, cutting stuff out when it is not needed leaves "space" for other things.

        Again, if you are already aware of the above, then I apologise

        Canadian Wind has just finished... Another nice composition, in my opinion. Then OHP started... Got to stay with this one to the end :D

        Something else to consider, in order to improve your mixing skill set... Have a go at mixing someone else's stuff. There is an excellent site called Mixing Sercrets:-

        Here, you can download audio projects which have been mixed to individual tracks. I've done one of those, and learned a lot from mixing conventional instruments... Well worth a try in my opinion

        I would say that Octagon Hexagon Pentagon is the highlight track, ambiently speaking, of your ALAN album.

        edit: beautiful ending to OHP Iain...
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          Again, thanks for the comments and I'm glad you like it. I'll have a read of all those links over the weekend. Like you I mix on headphones, but I'd never used a spectral analyser before so that might be a good start
          Ghost Signs - Ambient tape loops and guitars :


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            You got a solid start here! Keep working, I know next sounds will be even better (Do not think this is bad, its great)
            I wish all the best
            Favourite: Verona