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AmbientCow [Experimenal Humor]

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  • AmbientCow [Experimenal Humor]

    Well, a bunch of friends I have online have a running joke about my music not having enough cowbell.

    Right. Never tease a terrifyingly creative person!

    And so, I present to you, "AmbientCow":

    ONE cowbell loop fomo my Sony Latin Percussion library, copied, pitch-shifted, reversed, and mangled to death with NIs The Finger, a handful of Audio Damage plugins, some Valhalla UberMod and VintageVerb, and at the end of this whole hot mess Voxengo Elephant to tame the crawling Chaos I had created.

    Oh, and 3 vodka and diet Cokes because I really do hate cowbell at this stage of my life.

    I won't say enjoy, but it could be an.. interesting.. listen.
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    Nice sample mangling :biggrin:
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