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  • Corona

    I've knocked up a guitar piece...

    A drone with some guitar playing over it. Simples. A bit over indulgent, not that I'm a great player or anything, and much editing had to be done to this to get something that passed muster.

    It's a four track affair. A bass drone, played on my bass guitar, but through that Auto Swell VST mentioned in the guitar hardware post. And then fed through Guitar Rig 5.

    Two drones, to left and right, were played on an open top E string, and the attack removed and fed through GR5.

    Lead part was also fed through GR5. To be honest, I do this all the time but never make anything of it. I just love playing along to drones...

    And, of course, there's lots of reverb (Breverb 2) and delay (FabFilter Timesless 2)

    No synths, software or hardware, used at all... Just bass guitar, guitar and effects

    There is a bit more to it than that of course, but time is limited!

    It's called Corona:-
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    Nice work, Andy. I just listened a couple of times. We had a member called fate (I haven't seen him here for a year or two), who used to make tracks in a similar style. It may be worth having a look for some of his tunes.
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      Thanks for listening Tim

      I'll do a search on the forum for "fate," see what I can find. Thanks :D
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        Originally posted by aoVI
        What a great piece for the end of the day--thank you!
        And thank you too!

        I hope you are suitably relaxed ;)
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          What a day that was...

          Loads of comments at one point yesterday, on Corona. Altogether it garnered 50 listens yesterday, which is a new record for me, by some margin, and my total listens for the day was 81, another new record.

          I know that many may have just clicked on the play link and then immediately moved off onto something else, or it may have started playing as a "recommended track," but, even so, just going of the number of comments, likes and reposts, that was definitely my most active day on SoundCloud.

          Now it's back to a couple of listens per day :biggrin:
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