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Shifting Reality / Naive Audacity EP

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  • Shifting Reality / Naive Audacity EP

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to recommend my ambient/cinematic/experimental music.

    This is my finished EP:

    Naive Audacity EP

    1, I Haven't Seen Her in the Reality
    2, Naive Audacity
    3, Doubts of the Devil

    You can find my demo tracks too.


    "Shifting Reality is the side project of Hungarian native [ David Pusztai ], a molecular biologist. His debut EP [ Naive Audacity ] was released on the 30th of August 2014 and contains cinematic ambient atmospheres which easily competes with the likes of [ Stellardrone ], [ Oyaarss ], [ Talvihorros ], [ EUS ], [ Claro De Luna ], [ Startle The Heavens ] and really the best and the biggest in the underground music scene.

    Shifting Reality is more of an interstellar application. The kind of music I personally listen when I’m off for a long drive or when I just want to be on my own and undisturbed. I must admit David Pusztai has excelled in the art of creating ambient sound that causes neither sleepiness nor liveliness. It’s the kind of sound that throws you straight in the middle of a trance, a trance that is undeniably different and unexplainable at the same time. I guess the secret here lies in finding balance between recurrences and haunting tunes. Check it out." /The Siren Sound/

    "Shifting Reality sets a scene with minimal sounds, subtle instrumentation and some rather humid synths that hold chords for a very long time. With an EP, such as Naive Audacity, it would appear that the artist set out to create sound-spaces that deliver you from reality and put you in either a meditative state or another world. Naive Audacity accomplishes both with it’s short trio of songs." /Music Gleaner/

    Kind Regards,


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    Hey there

    Thanks for posting! Listening now...very nice! You've come to the right place.

    Have a look around, you'll probably like it here. ;)

    S1gns Of L1fe
    Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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      Wow, your stuff is beautiful. Love the title track. I haven't been here long but you will find some good feedback, challenges, and music here.
      I make drones, delay, and soundscapes at Rumourtone Music