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New track 'Summoner' (Dark ambient on Bandcamp)

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  • New track 'Summoner' (Dark ambient on Bandcamp)

    'Summoner' is the opening track from the new album I'm currently working on, having finally decided to do something serious with this whole project, 'A Heavenly Void'. It's up on my Bandcamp and Soundcloud (Whatever suits you). I'd really appreciate if you could give it a listen, see what you think if this is your type of thing. It's an idea of what kinda thing to expect in the future if you like what you hear. It's nothing crazy, just under three minutes, there are longer tracks on the album but I don't want to drag a song out any longer than it needs to be if it has no business being ten minutes or something. The idea is to make something cinematic, something that (hopefully) paints a picture in your mind and creates an atmosphere that can carry on through the rest of the album.


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    Nice sound. Would like to hear more of your work.
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      Interesting stuff. Would definitely say it's cinematic, I wholeheartedly agree with you on length. A lot of times I find people post these 20 minute tracks, but they don't really seem to really take me anywhere and the "canvas" remains the same; never changing. Imagery in my opinion is extremely vital when approaching ambient music from a cinematic perspective - the sound has to continue to be interesting and provoke ideas from the listener. If you're going to go longer on tracks, it can be a good idea to change things up and bring the listener to a different place (progress the story if you will).

      For some criticism I'd say this: pay close attention to where things sit in the stereo image/mix. Not gonna say it was weak or bad because it wasn't - and this kind of thing varies from people's headphone/monitors. Personally I would've "placed" certain sounds differently, but that's just me. All in all, the track is pretty strong. Keep it up.


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        Originally posted by Maharg View Post
        Nice sound. Would like to hear more of your work.
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          Good stuff

          Looking forward to hearing the rest!