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Lighthugger - The Bonesetters Fear of the Future

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  • Lighthugger - The Bonesetters Fear of the Future

    The much threatened release of some of my OSD tracks has finally happened:

    In the end I didn't radically change any of them; maybe tweaked some levels I wasn't happy with, trimmed a couple down that I felt outstayed their welcome etc. I know there's no real need for this to exist (everything out there already) but at some psychological level I needed to release it, clear the decks so to speak.

    As previously mentioned, any profits from this release will go towards AO running costs. Thanks to everyone here who supplied a sample that was used, credit and soundcloud links in the PDF.

    Latest release: never to be repeated

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    I never have participated in the OSD challenges here, but realize now I certainly need to be checking the results at the least.

    Interesting work.

    Really sweet delay control on "Drive". Gotta respect a man who can control feedback with a firm hand.
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      Yeah, the feedback was one of the things I tweaked, a little 'full on' in the original.

      Seems a bit of a cheat nowadays; I remember doing tracks like this twenty years ago with a couple of boss microrack delays, that was real seat of the pants stuff. Nowadays you can just record the automation and tweak it later if it goes wrong...
      Latest release: never to be repeated

      Hearthis | Soundcloud


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        An album of OSD tracks, awesome idea. And they're really good too.
        May I also say..... Jolly good show on giving the profits to AO ! Very community spirited of you, many thanks.

        Please feel free to check out my music - thank you