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Archipelago by Lloyd (Makrotulpa) Barrett

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  • Archipelago by Lloyd (Makrotulpa) Barrett

    Hello ambient onliners!

    I've just uploaded an experimental ambient release to Bandcamp.

    I also blogged about it here.

    It's not all capital-A ambient though tracks 1 and 4 definitely qualify and the rest is dynamically varied without dipping excessively into Noise / Techno or anything really.

    My primary influence is the weirder end of post-industrial ambience... like Coil and Dead Voices on Air.

    For the gear-heads this album features lots of Roland System-1m, V-Synth and Nord Modular.
    For the software-geeks there are lashings of Melda, 2c Kaleidoscope and Crusher-X.

    Please stream or Pay What You Want and let me know what you think either here or via PM.

    Thanks for your time.
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    This may not be 'capital-A Ambient' but an interesting listen nonetheless. An intriguing concept of island nations told through visually inspiring sound.

    I'm a Coil fan as well, so the industrial aspect of this project was tasty.

    I am also a fan of Melda plugs. Very useful and versatile.


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      Originally posted by aoVI View Post

      I am also a fan of Melda plugs. Very useful and versatile.
      Melda Total bundle is the gift that keeps giving.
      Also working a lot with CrusherX and moving towards more time with Zynaptiq Morph.
      Feel there is a unique territory to explore using the Ableton Push to trigger sounds while the Morph blends between them.
      Thanks for listening and commenting.
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