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  • PGP WaveMapper Test Track

    Picked up PGP WaveMapper yesterday; the new app from Wolfgang Palm and did some testing last night. This was recorded live into LoopyHD with no post-editing other than trimming some ugly parts off the end. Definitely some very serious promise with this app. It will allow you to import your own wave files and map them to wave tables. I have not tried this yet.

    New Analysis/synthesis system
    WaveMapper uses a new the synthesis system, which can be seen as a bridge between wavetables and samples. In wavetable systems you have great flexibility in controlling the sound, but sound material is limited to harmonic, noise-free waveforms. On the other hand there are samplers, which have very high sound quality, but very limited editing features. In WaveMapper there is a new type, which we call “time corrected sample” (TCS). This can reproduce a much wider palette of sounds then classic wavetables, but still allows for a total control of the access via an envelope or LFOs

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    That's a really interesting soundpiece, can see the potential with your own samples.
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      Thanks. I will try it and report back. Right now it's only iTunes file sharing and not audio copy and paste. While it is an Audiobus input, it would be great to also have it as an output so you could record samples from other apps.


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        Saw this come in Gary said, very interesting soundscape indeed! Nice movement and production quality. Love the experimental nature of your work...keep it up!!!
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          Thanks for your continued encouragement. Like I named the track; it was just a test. Sometimes they turn out cool and well, other times...


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            As per production quality, there really was none as the sounds were recorded direct from WaveMapper into Loopy. That's what makes the discovery part of new apps exciting; the surprise of new sounds and the potential of more. I have a bunch of app regret from buying into the hype and getting apps (often when there is a price drop) and either its way to complicated or under delivers. So it's nice, especially for an app on the higher end of IOS apps ($19.99) to be able to get rich sounds right way and then dive in deeper later (or not).