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New track: Contrails (leading me back to you)

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  • New track: Contrails (leading me back to you)

    Just released a fresh track. Hope at least some of you enjoy listening ;)
    Direct link:

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    Hi thanks for sharing your track I'm not sure if you want feedback but this is what I thought. I liked the overall track found it mysterious and unusual. My brain was trying to second guess where it was going but it never went there. However I felt the waves and birds were a bit unnecessary and a bit obvious. and diminished the intensity of the track. I also felt around the 4.30 mark that maybe the track should end. I hope you find my feedback useful. I suppose coming from a fine art background I find that critiques are immensely useful in furthering ones craft. Good work.
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      Thanks Thnaks (well, David :-) for the feedback. Certainly appreciate it.

      As for the expectations (harmonically / melodically); I like to play with e.g. false or deceptive cadences or not fulfilling the listeners expectations otherwise so that's all fully intentional.

      The waves and birds... Yeah, I understand your point of view. When listening to tracks of others with field recordings or vinyl sounds I often feel the same. In this particular track I really hesitated a few times to incorporate them but in the end I felt they add to the track's atmosphere. But hey, I think I'll try a mix without it.

      I like the the length. I take my time to wind things down to release the tension I built during a piece. Maybe it also has to do with age. Not sure....

      Critique is important and is something that's strangely lacking on Soundcloud. Your critique is honest without breaking my moral :D
      I have to admit I do have some problem with incorporating critique in my future work but that's maybe because I'm plain stubborn.
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        Hi Boquarant
        On second listen i think the length is fine and good maybe it's just the birds need a low pass filter, I too love a nice atmospheric bed it can really add to the overall mood.
        I will certainly check your other stuff out on SC
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          Thanks again. I will check the birds soon.
          I'm not touching the sea lions (or whatever they are). I love those cute cuddly animals :-)
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            I really liked the flow--the field recording and music meshed very naturally and did not feel forced.


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              I have been doing a lot of self reflection and critiquing my own stuff lately - like you I welcome honest feed back and criticism but it never seems to happen. For some reason we all look for it, and fear it (to some extent) but are reluctant to express it. It does help one to develop; particularly if the critique comes from one's peers.
              I really like your music and enjoy listening to it often. My notes below are strictly an expression of personal tastes, likes and dislikes; but that is what critics do - express their thoughts. Some critics do have good taste and good knowledge of their craft and should be listened to, while others need to be ignored. I accept all criticism but will listen to the thoughts of those whose music I admire and respect much more to heart. My thoughts on this piece for what they are worth:

              The use of field recordings and the inclusion of natural environmental sound can only be a good thing in ambient music. It is often over done and I think it works best when understated and just audible. Sometimes it can be more a feature if handled with care. Robert Rich is a master of using field recordings in my opinion and is one worth listening to. My thoughts on the field recordings throughout this piece is that they are just a wee bit too loud - in fact I think your volume levels on your mix are too loud overall. I would leave the field recordings as they are but bring the levels down. The brain is very good at filling in gaps and I like to use this in my own work - use the listeners perception to fill the minute gaps of almost or complete silence.

              I like the unknown/where is it going feel. I think it is good to have some 'edge' to music. If too perfect or predictable the music soon loses interest for me. Even for ambient and long ambient designed for sleep and deep listening, need some edginess to it [very subtle at times, but a good listener will pick it up - give credit and respect to your audience and trust that they will find the tiny and unique 'bits 'n pieces' within your mix]. Again, I would prefer a drop in peak volume for the apex of your waves. I felt that the contrast in volume levels are too great. There is no need to mix for high volume. Dynamic range is far more important than volume. Volume often kills the sound and destroys the subtle nuances that are so important in ambient. All those lovely delicate sounds running through the piece are wiped out. Remember that most listening devises today have a gain pot labeled 'Volume', so the listener can turn the volume up if they are slightly deaf. When I turned down the volume for this piece it became instantly more enjoyable but it could be greatly improved if the 'peeks' were a little lower in volume [and not so sudden - a bit more gentle, but not much - it is a fine adjustment].

              I think the final 3-4 minutes is superb. The piece is too short for me, I do like long tracks that evolve and have room to move with some history built up in the memory of the listener. The imagination of the listener is important. The brain will create its own sound nuance to add to what it is processing if the piece is longer than 8-10 minutes [not that I am an expert in how the brain hears and processes sound both real and perceived, but I do know that the brain will create its own (perceived) sound given time and silence (or perceived silence)]

              Overall I like this piece very much just as it is. There is no need to change a single thing if you have achieved what you wanted to achieve. Other peoples opinions and thought are there to either reinforce that you are making good choices, or that you may need to question your choices and think a little differently - but your instant is always better than a good critique.
              My thoughts and suggestions are purely made to suit my particular tastes and methodology.
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                Thanks aoVI and a special thanks to Graham for your elaborate critique!

                I tried to write down a reply regarding the volume but I have quite some difficulty with it because of a language barrier and the complexity of the topic (normalization, compression, loudness war, etc) so I decided not to do that. With regard to -more or less- subliminal sounds; I totally agree with you but I still have problems from time to time to restrain myself not to emphasize those sounds (although I am learning).

                BTW: I agree with your remark about Robert Rich and I do think he's made a few wonderful albums where field recordings are a fully integral part of the music.
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                  I really enjoyed the listening experience of this piece. It's unpredictable and fluid which makes this highly engaging! I think this my favourite track from you so far!
                  I found it quite reflective, something I'd listen to while thinking late at night. It didn't change so much that it completely disoriented me but enough to keep it interesting.