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No-xygen - "Urban Isolation" out now on De Profundis Netlabel

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  • No-xygen - "Urban Isolation" out now on De Profundis Netlabel


    No-xygen return on De Profundis Netlabel with their most introspective and cinematic album.
    This time No-xygen show a brand new face being away from the dark ambient/industrial elements of the previous releases
    featuring orchestral arrangements, lonely pianos, haunting synths and movie samples.
    This new observation explores themes of isolation, loneliness, depression and loss.

    Comes with 12 panel HD artwork.
    Manos F.

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    Listening to it now - extremely pensive stuff. Bookmarking it so I can play it whenever I'm working on 3D stuff.

    Comes across to me as really organic - this album has resonated with me on a personal level. Very relatable. Awesome job man.


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      This is outstanding!! Here's my review:

      Blue Train Escape

      You can hear from the beginning that it's another style from then we are used from No-xygen. Less dark, more high frequency content but it's still mysterious, enigmatic. The choir (or choir-like synths) make it really interesting, together with the string part. Great job! I reckon this isn't written in 1 evening, it must have been taken time to create this.

      3 North

      Great atmosphere! Less haunting than their previous work, more 'soothing' in a way, although the words give the soundscape a hint of desperation. Epic built up! And it fades out into fragile minimalism.

      Through The Eyes of the Lonely

      Rain, thunderstorm, samples which give me cold feelings and yet a warm string melody rises. This is a very 'logic' continuation of '3 North'. These songs just belong to each other. Even without knowing the title, I can hear this is about loneliness. It's been a long time I heard music that expresses a feeling so accurate.


      It all starts with a melody of hope, the least desparate and forlorn part of the album until now.
      The soundscape is divided in two parts. The second part is just equally gorgeous.


      Almost medieval, like dungeon synth. It sounds 'old' because of the crackling noises and the abscence of low frequencies. I like the atmosphere very much.


      The words don't hide the darkness of the soundscape. We're back into the depths of loss and grief. I don't know if it's some kind of electric piano I'm hearing but it's beautiful. The slamming door at the end of the song suits the soundscape very well. Dark and final.

      The Great Silent Suffering

      Everything happens in the distance, lots of reverb and delay. Gives me an unreal feeling of dsbelieve. The feeling of not being able to accept. The voices aren't always that easy to understand but I get the message and they give a dark feeling to the song.

      Inner Crisis

      Another orchestral piece and this time the strings almost take the lead over the electric piano. A futureless future... A marvelous piece to end the album.

      This is their best work until now. They have put beautiful melodies in this release. This isn't trial and error ambient but well thought-out songs. It expresses strong feelings in a fragile way. Each song holds on its own but the album is something that should be listened to as one whole.Congratulations with your achievement, No-xygen!


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        Thank you so much for listening and the kind words. Hope to read more comments about the album!
        Manos F.


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          wonderful melancholia, that's my feel to this album. Thanks!