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Dpgood - Momentary Stillness

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  • Dpgood - Momentary Stillness

    This track was made in reaction to the Paris Attacks

    Mainly using Diva, Omnisphere and Serum with Soundtoys and UAD Plugs mastered with Ozone
    I hope you all enjoy it.
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    Gotta love the warmth and character of DIVA. Very serene track. Reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

    I think the only thing I would say critique-wise is MAYBE the bass (for me anyway) came across a LITTLE heavy in some parts, but overall everything has quite a bit of clarity so it didn't bother me much. Love the sweeps that come in around 5:00. Nice job.


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      Hey Thanks for your kind words, I find Bass is the hardest thing to get right in the mix, I have noticed the levels getting a bit high in places so will go back and tweak, will definitely have a listen to your soundcloud.