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New release - Shouts of Nothingness

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  • seismic1
    I fixed the Bandcamp link for you. If you go into Edit mode, you will be able to see the code I used.

    More info here:-

    Listening to Searching now. I like the rhythmic synth sounds on top of the drone beds. It has a very soothing effect. Interestingly, I am listening on monitors, at a fairly decent volume, and the overall effect is quite mesmerising.

    Got some new cans arriving in a week or so.

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  • Maharg
    started a topic New release - Shouts of Nothingness

    New release - Shouts of Nothingness

    Hi, I have a new release of some very quiet and relaxed ambient [seems to be a trend lately].

    Also I am sorry but I can't get the embedded link to work for me anymore. Don't know why.

    Shouts of Nothingness cover.jpg

    As always, any feedback/critique is always welcome.
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