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  • Work inprogres, need feedback

    Hello all,
    Its been a while since iv posted here, but I have been busy working on new tracks and learning some new technics etc. etc.

    Iv uploaded this work in progress track, based on some experiments with Push and granular synthesis in Ableton Live.
    Also I have been working alot improving my mix and mastering skills.

    Im looking for feedback on the mix and mastering in this case.

    Im pretty sure that the there is too much bass on the rhythm track, as I only have some smaller monitors.

    So please give me some feedback.

    Please dont share this track

    Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.

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    I have only had one listen and I am not at all an expert in mastering. But...I agree with you re the bass. It is difficult to give advice without knowing what sound you were after in the first place. My thoughts are that the entire rhythm track is way too strong [loud]. I would suggest that you try bringing the levels of the bass and the drum kit down a bit and adjust the EQ slightly. The whole piece seems to be out of balance to my ears - too many high frequencies. If you do lower the volume levels on the bass you may need to boost the lower frequencies a wee bit to maintain some fullness in the sound - very small adjustments of EQ (but be careful as it is easy to stuff things up when fiddling with EQ). If you can I would also adjust the levels of the individual instruments in the rhythm track, again to bring the higher frequencies down a little. Everything seems to be too close to the same volume level and the same frequencies. I think your aim should be to achieve a brand range of frequencies from low to high. Your mix seems to be more high frequencies than low - which may be deliberate and what you want, and if so, then that is OK, but to my ears it is out of balance [purely personal preferences]. It only requires very minor adjustments to make a big difference.
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      My initial thoughts are that, yes, the bass is too loud; and that the higher frequency granular textures intertwine nicely in your mix, each texture making way nicely for the next. I,m listening on headphones and I don't know how what Maharg is listening on. But with what I' hearing, I'm ok with the high frequencies, I think it provides some 'air'. (Caveat-Due to a career in construction I may have some lessened ability to actually hear higher frequencies...)
      For the bass I would roll off the volume a little. Can you keep still keep it 'subby' if the volume lowers? Maybe I would try to use a narrow notch EQ to cut out some of the bass frequencies but leave the highest and lowest of them. You'd have to experiment with that to see if it still kept the character of the bass but resulted in less volume from the bass frequencies. Or combine that with a slight roll off of bass volume. I don't know if this would work as I'm no expert.

      i do really like the piece though. The rhythm is very hypnotic and the textures are nice and drifty. A good combination in my opinion. Try to adjust them until neither dominates.

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        I'm pretty new to mastering and the likes, and I agree with the others about the bass. Slightly lower it down a tad. It kinda blurs everything out when it hits, only mildly though. Only so much that focus is brought to the bass, which I don't think is the effect you're after? Hope you can make some sense from that :P

        But absolutely incredible track! Could see myself listening to this often. Love the way it puts me into a "zone".
        Keep us posted!


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          Thank you all for the replies, very usefull to get your views indeed.
          Ill keep you posted for sure.
          Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.


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            I have great respect for Windspace's opinions and thoughts. So I had another listen. Can't say I change my mind, but perhaps I may add something else that may help explain my comments about the high end. I too listen on headphones which are always my preferred choice. I still feel that there are too many high frequencies similar to each other - by this I mean that you have a strong rhythm section with a strong low end, and a strong top end, but there is not a lot going on in the middle (well there is, but it is hard to hear). My 'preference' is to have a balance of frequencies as opposed to volume, that cover a broad range of frequencies that cover low, mid and high. The mix (to my ears) tends to emphasise the top and bottom ends at the expense of the mid range. In the end it all about personal preferences and taste. So let your instinct and 'gut feel' be the guiding light.

            Great track by the way. Keep up the good work.
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              Thanks for the usefull feedback, great.
              Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.